Get Nando’s cheaper through Vodacom – how it works

Vodacom customers can buy Nando’s food vouchers, ranging between R27 and R82, at a discounted rate through the Vodacom app.

These vouchers were launched as part of Vodacom’s new Voucher Advance service which allows Vodacom customers to buy food and appliances on credit.

Through Voucher Advance, Vodacom customers can buy vouchers ranging between R25 and R1,000 and have 30 days to pay for the voucher.

Users don’t have to pay any interest, and each voucher is valid for three years from the issue date.

To qualify for Voucher Advance, customers need to have been active on the Vodacom network for at least six months and have a proven track record of buying airtime or data bundles.

Mariam Cassim, chief officer of Vodacom financial and digital services, said the service allows their subscribers to enjoy a meal at Nando’s and pay later at 0% interest.

The Voucher Advance service is available to Vodacom’s prepaid and top-up subscribers. Contract customers are, however, not left out.

There is a “buy now” option where post-paid subscribers can purchase Nando’s and Hirsch’s vouchers at a discounted rate.

With the buy now option, users purchase the voucher using a credit card. After the purchase they receive a QR code which can be used in-store.

The vouchers which are currently available to Vodacom post-paid subscribers are:

  • R25 Nando’s voucher, which gives you R27 to spend.
  • R50 Nando’s voucher, which gives you R55 to spend.
  • R75 Nando’s voucher, which gives you R82 to spend.
  • R250 Hirsch’s voucher, which gives you R262 to spend.
  • R500 Hirsch’s voucher, which gives you R525 to spend.
  • R1,000 Hirsch’s voucher, which gives you R1,050 to spend.

MyBroadband took the new Vodacom voucher service for a spin and it worked exactly as promised.

After opening the Vodacom app, you click on “more” in the bottom menu bar and select “Vouchers”.

You are then given the option to select “Retail” or Food”. We selected Food and proceeded to purchase a R50 Nando’s voucher (which actually gives you a R55 voucher).

The checkout process was smooth and within minutes after payment we received a voucher with a QR code which could be used at any Nando’s outlet.

The screenshots below show the voucher purchasing process using the Vodacom app.

Armed with our R55 voucher, we visited the local Nando’s store and placed an order for an original boujee bowl and a chocolate milkshake.

When it was time to pay for the meal, we informed the cashier that we want to use a Vodacom voucher.

She knew exactly how the system worked and asked us to scan the voucher QR code using the camera paypoint.

R55 was taken off the cost of the meal and we settled the rest using cash.

The overall experience was much smoother than expected. It worked exactly as expected without any hiccups or payment problems.

Vodacom has clearly invested heavily in the system to iron out problems before it was launched.

As for the Nando’s meal – the chocolate milkshake was delicious and the original boujee bowl is always a winner.


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