The purpose of Tablu Tech

Purpose, purpose, purpose, the answer to so many questions such as, “what differentiates you from your competitors” made by customers, “why should I choose this company to work for rather than the next one” by employees, and “why should we deploy our precious capital in your company than elsewhere” by investors; and the answer is always because of our purpose.

Most importantly, purpose answers the question: “What would the world lose if your company disappeared?

It defines a company’s core reason for being and its positive impact on the world, continent, country, or city. It leaves competitors wondering what the difference between them and your company is.

When we founded Tablu Tech back in 2017, we knew that we ultimately wanted to help our customers achieve their goals as customers and humans through digital products.

So, our purpose became to we simplify lives with technology.

But, throughout this journey, while achieving a certain level of maturity in the local market, we knew that to take over the continent and the world, we had to make sure that our purpose was not superficial. It needed to be infused in every aspect of our company, from corporate identity and communication to how we deliver our products.

And where else to start other than from our brand identity.

We went from a simple T and U (image 1) from Tablu to a more meaningful, purpose-infused logo (image 4).

Our Commitment

We believe that we will be able to deliver on our promise by implementing stable platforms that sit on top of sustainable business models that we can either build or help build.





And with these elements in mind, our logo was built.

This process gave birth to a more dynamic, purpose-driven brand identity that started with our logo and the simple black and white color scheme.

But we would not stop there. And by using the story brand framework, we defined our mission as to deliver and to help deliver digital products that simplify our customers’ lives.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission: To deliver and to help deliver digital products that simplify our customers’ lives.

Vision: To change and help change as many lives as possible through digital products.


  • Reliability: on every product we build or help build;
  • Culture of Innovation: to constantly find new and better ways of doing things;
  • Constant Progress: to avoid stagnation, on the world’s fastest passed sector;
  • Commitment: to our employees, partners and clients;
  • Collaboration: with our employees, partners, and clients to deliver on our promise;
  • Sustainability: because without it, there is no future.

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